Frank Herfort

Khabarovsk in people's faces
My photographic expertise lies in the fields of people, architecture, interior, and combinations of these.
I love images. Without a break I can watch paintings, photographs, movies, or any other visual content. And even more, I like to create them. I´m always curious about how many things you can visualize through photography. My journey to photography started in Leipzig, where I was born before the fall of the Berlin Wall.
I've been enjoying the whole trip and the thing that amazed me most was friendly and nice local people that we've been taking pictures of. I snapshot air crew, vegetable growers, painter, builders, trolleybus driver, captain of the ship and even priest-barista. All of them hospitably welcomed us and tried to do everything we asked.
I really felt the warm soul of the Far East, which I tried to convey in my photos.
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