Michele Cirillo
Interesting people in Khabarovsk
Visiting Khabarovsk was a real discovery for me.
Michele Cirillo
I was born in 1988. I am an independent photojournalist and professor of photography, co-founder of the Bianco association. In recent years, my interest in photographic stories has focused on the issues of human rights, identity and geopolitical changes in recent years, preferring subjects and stories from ethnic or cultural minorities.
I was very impressed by the professionalism of the workers...
...the great passion of young people for study and the openness to other countries...
...the kindness and cordiality that seems to characterize the city of Khabarovsk.
I think it is reductive to know a country as big as Russia only for the cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow. This trip has ignited the desire to visit other Russian cities, to understand and learn more about the culture and the wonderful traditions of this land.
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